Dishes that are in step with the times

Beef Burger

Tasty Beef Burger

A unique burger in a homemade bun with juicy beef, a Dijon mustard and mayonnaise blend with tangy mountain cheese, crispy bacon and melted red onions.

Chicken & Wings

Popcorn Chicken & Wings

Street food deluxe: marinated chicken drumsticks in a caramel-popcorn crust plus spicy chicken wings with tomato-pineapple-coriander salsa served with country fries and caramelised popcorn.


Pulled Pork Sandwich

Spicy slow-cooked pork served in a crisp brick oven baguette with red coleslaw, blue potato chips and a mustard-thyme dip.

Fish 'n' Chips

Fish ‘n’ chips

The classic among British classics: juicy cod coated in a hearty beer batter, served with mashed peas and chipped potatoes, sprinkled the traditional way with a dash of wine vinegar. 

Hot Dog

Chili Cheese Dog

A must for hot dog lovers: homemade chili-veal bratwurst in an oven-fresh whole grain bun served with spicy-hot chili con carne, creamy cheddar sauce and country fries.

Chocolate-covered Bananas

Chocolate-covered bananas

Fully ripe bananas and slow-melting Belgian bitter chocolate merge into a single taste sensation when oven-cooked together in foil and sprinkled with Cuban rum, coconut ice cream and lime fillets.

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